Thursday, January 29, 2015

Typewriters & Things II

When Typewriters & Things closed in 2013, after nearly 30 years in business in the Village, the space changed owners. Bino Gan, typewriter repairman to the stars, had retired.

The place on 8th Avenue near Horatio became World News Stationary [sic] Copy & Fax, part of the World News & Smoke Shop newsstand next door. Now we hear that they're being forced to close.

A reader writes in that the shop is "being forced to close because of a steep rent hike by the co-op (14 Horatio Street) that owns the space. The same guy also owns two small grocery shops on the same block, and he's also being forced out of the one owned by 14 Horatio."

They'll be gone soon. Everything's on sale.


Andrew Porter said...

Decades ago, this was the site of The Science Fiction Shop, a famous SF bookstore owned by Martin Last and Baird Searles.

Anonymous said...

Sad. I'm a mommy and I like typewriters and science fiction and things.

Unknown said...

This is all so talks, nobody walks and all these mom and pops seem to be standing in the way of maximum rent output and we are all the worse ad a result and all there is is drug stores, banks, Starbuck's, etc.

laura r. said...

the entire culture is changing worldwide. renting isnt an option for small businesses. everything is big gov, trans-corps (which are one of the same). it is difficult these days for people to get ahead. the age of the indivual is over bigtime. in the future every city will look alike. small businesses will be a project for the rich, meaning that they will have to own the building. boutiques are nice, but we dont need them to survive. we need laundries, groceries, diners, shoe repairs, window shades, hardware stores. what bothers me is that everything is so impersonal w/chain stores.

Flash Sheridan said...

The New York Times listed the original address of The Science Fiction Shop as 56 Eighth Avenue ( Visiting the neighborhood yesterday, I thought it was roughly at number 52, now occupied by The Art Bar.