Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Smith's Again

People are curious about what's happening at Smith's Bar off Times Square. In October, I reported that it was closing after 60 years in business. It closed. The owners weren't talking to the media.

Then, surprisingly, the antique neon sign was restored.

Now Davy Mack writes in with a photo of a new awning.

photo by Davy Mack

I took a peek inside at the renovation going on behind the paper-covered windows and caught a glimpse of some striped banquettes. From that quick peek, it's hard to get a sense of what kind of place is coming, but clearly they're keeping the name Smith's.


Paul Scanlon said...

The "Hell's Kitchen" moniker on the new awning is a dead giveaway. Smith's will become more "authentic," vis Fedora, Bill's, etc.

10:48 am. said...

"The owners weren't talking to the media."

I doubt that this place will be authentrified. They'll just be picking on the bones and capitalizing on the Smith's antique neon sign.

"Then, sometime around 2009 or so, they were bought by a chain of anonymous pubs. The inside was renovated, the clientele changed. They printed t-shirts and became a sports bar filled with big-screen TVs and tourists.

Out went the weird, meat-cluttered steam table. Out went Smith's old Times Square vibe."

That was six years ago. Now they'll be catering to the foodie types. The TVs will still be there but it'll be upscale with white table cloths, a gastrosportspub. It'll be for those who like to pair their game-watching with classic cocktails, quality craft beers, and upscale bar-menu fare. It'll be a place to cater to those with self-illusion of selectivity. Much like Ainsworth Park and Hudson Common.