Wednesday, September 24, 2014

John's Bakery


In the Ficarra family for over 50 years, John's Bakery of Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, closed its doors earlier this month.

photo: Ditmas Park Corner

Ditmas Park Corner first reported on the closure, including the goodbye note, which stated:

"opportunities unexpectedly arose and quick decisions had to be made which necessitated closing the store. Please join us in welcoming your new neighbors who we are sure intend to contribute to the neighborhood’s upswing."

Some commenters worry that this means what's coming next is either an upscale artisanal cafe or a Starbucks. Like most of the city, and more and more of Brooklyn, Ditmas has been rapidly gentrifying.

The Real Brooklynite calls John's "One of the few remaining business in Ditmas Park with real Brooklynite roots and without large-scale corporate ties." They add: "If you’re looking for a bagel and coffee in Ditmas Park now then it’s best to prepare to feel like you’re an extra in a scene from Girls… Why did John’s close? Well, it’s hard to speculate but the pieces can be placed together. A very nice goodbye note on their door said it wasn’t their intention to close. A townie neighbor outside the store told me their rent was doubled."


Daniel said...

Of course, that person who claims the rent was raised has no idea what they are talking about. John's owns the building as far as I know, and their statement about an offer sounds more like they sold out to whomever is moving in. I don't get it since there are plenty of empty storefronts on Cortelyou, but I HOPE that means John's can reopen in a new location nearby ::fingers crossed::

laura r. said...

cant blame someone for cashing in if an op has arose. maybe its their chance to make big bucks.

Brendan said...

They owned it and sold it. I would worry more about the residential tenants in the building.

laura r. said...

if the tenents have a lease they cannot be evicted & the rent stays the same. later if the rents go way up, im sure they have an option to pay the new rent or leave. if it goes condo then they get insiders price.