Friday, September 19, 2014

Fab 208

VANISHING (for now)

The Fab 208 boutique on 7th Street is closing, after 23 years in the East Village. They opened in 1992. A sign on their window says they're going to take the winter off and continue to sell online. They hope to reopen "somewhere" in 2015.

From their website: "FAB 208 is the kind of store that NYC used to boast many of, nowadays it is not so easy for emerging or independent designers to compete with corporate owned chain stores, but FAB prevails..."

Before Fab 208 moved in from across the street, this was the long-time space of Howdy Do. And before that, an egg shop.


Anonymous said...

Oh NO! They are one of the coolest shops around. The owners have always been amazing to talk to and FAB will be missed!

divaraven said...

OMG I know Alan and his wife from back in the day... BEFORE they opened this store and he was a regular at CB hardcore matinees. Sigh. Your site makes me feel sad... and old.

2:20 p.m. said...

This news ain't fab, ain't no fab at all.

Anonymous said...

thank you to those who commented, all things change and we must change with them. sadly for us as designers, the east village has lost a sense of itself as a place for art and fashion. we are off to where i doesnt snow for the winter and will hopefully move to maybe california next year. in the meantime, the internet is the kind of place where you can still sell an I LOVE MY PUSSY shirt without getting told off!!
so thats where you an find us! @fab208nyc on ig
Jo and Alan -FAB 208 NYC

Caleo said...

I remember when Fab was across the street and I had a friend, Kate Brown, who worked there. She was a dance/performance artist from England. She also worked at Tea and Sympathy. She supported herself with 2 part time jobs and lived in a big one bedroom apartment on 7th street with her dance partner/boyfriend Rick. This was in 93/94.
I bought many great shirts at the original Fab.
So long.

Hiendrich alabama said...

Oh my God I can't believed.. I was go there last month ago

Anonymous said...

Run to el quiote in the Chelsea hotel.the new owners are going to keep it.....but modernize it.and they're turning the Chelsea hotel into a five star hotel.the corp.also owns the delano , in Miami beach

Anonymous said...

The best part of FAB was the staff in the 90's: Here's to Jardy, Sarah, Hanna, Lea, Linda, Danielle and lovely Lil.