Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In No Great Hurry

I'm looking forward to seeing "In No Great Hurry," a film about the amazing New York street photographer Saul Leiter. It's playing as part of the Doc NYC festival on November 16.

Leiter's color work in the 1950s brought the lost city vividly to life. In the the film, director Tomas Leach spends time with Leiter at home and walking around the Lower East Side, talking about life and art. The trailer says it all--along with Leiter's work and a few questions for the director.

What drew you to Mr. Leiter at the start of this project?

I had a copy of Saul's book Early Color and I thought the work was just incredible. So fresh, so sensitive and so beautiful. The short article about Saul in the front of the book just made me even more curious.

What are some of the 13 lessons you learned while working with Mr. Leiter?

Well, the film has 13 lessons in it, but Saul taught me much more than that. Fundamentally, he made me think about what is important in life. Besides learning so much from Saul, he also made me laugh a lot. Which is pretty good.

What is Leiter taking photos of these days--and where (and when) can we see that work?

Saul is always wandering around with his camera. He never strays far from where he lives though. Some of the new work has been shown at retrospectives and shows that Saul has had over the past year or so.


David said...

this is going to be a great documentary.

laura r. said...

the mailman photo is beautiful, especailly the under exposed colors.

sinestra said...

Beautiful- the vivid colors almost look like paintings and seeing the everyday street scenes is a wonderful glimpse into the old days of NYC.

Muzz said...

Went to see it. Loved. Thanks for the reminder.