Monday, November 18, 2013

Financial Times

I got the chance recently to talk to the UK's Financial Times about my search for Hopper's "Nighthawks" diner, and about Bloomberg's New York, and all that stuff I'm always talking about. Journalist John O'Connor did the interview and artfully arranged my answers for their weekend magazine's "First Person" column.

Steve Schofield also took a very fine "cloak and dagger" photo, kind of noirish, by the Whitney's Nighthawks installation at the Flatiron Building.

Visit the Financial Times to read the whole article here.


EV Grieve said...

Congratulations on the piece. Like the photo too, though we can't see your Google Glass!

laura r. said...

if it wasn for "night hawks" i never would have found JVNY. the artical in the NYtimes was facinating. glad to see this mystery has resurfaced.

KBK said...

I was looking through "Hopper Drawing" by Foster a couple of weeks ago and ran across a drawing of what appears to be the Nighthawks diner, but viewed from an elevated perspective - second or third floor looking diagonally down toward the left. Possibly from Hopper's room? Also, in Ogunguit ME Museum of American Art there was an exhibit this fall featuring Henry Strater. As I recollect, he was the artist who painted the work I saw there which, as I remarked to one of my companions, was a dead ringer for the Nighthawks corner.