Friday, July 26, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

Gorgeous, wonderful, should-have-been landmarked Eagle Clothes sign goes into the garbage heap. [NYN]

After 22 years, Splash is closing because "maybe we don’t need gay bars." [Next]

"In our current desire to acquire civil rights equal to the straight community, we have chosen to assimilate and to clean up our act. When I recently explored some of my old haunts, I was amused. The Anvil is now a gentrified, chic restaurant, complete with white linen tablecloths and candles. The waterfront along the Hudson River has become the lovely, serene High Line public park." [HP]

Bloomberg's massive rezoning of Midtown really just not a very good idea. [Curbed]

Latest word on Odessa closing: August 15. I hate this shit. [EVG]

Sex & the City “might as well have been a tourism campaign for a post-Rudolph Giuliani, de-ethnicized Gotham awash in money." --Brett Martin [NYer]

Lovely photos of Hart Island--and its Potter's Field. [UC]

Romy: "Some of the changes in the city are small ones, but they can be so incomprehensible when I encounter them suddenly that I feel the way I do when I stand up too fast." [WIC]

New shots from NYC in the 90s. [NYC90s]

"The average weekly wage in Manhattan during the first quarter of last year was $2,464. The next highest borough was Queens at $877. Now that's a disparity!" --Brian Lehrer [WNYC]

Houston St. parking lot sold--another tower to come? [BI]

Friends of the High Line "is dominated by a wealthy and politically connected coterie of real estate developers and property owners, which has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars, directly and as intermediaries, into Christine Quinn’s mayoral election campaign." [C&S]

Look up zombies! [BB]


Anonymous said...

ARGH! Not the Eagles Clothes sign!

Pass it every day on the F train...just this past Wed I remarked to myself yet again what a nice remnant of old Brooklyn it was. And still lit up!

Just no reason to do this.

Anonymous said...

Splash sucks. Expensive drinks, expensive door, and mainly tourists and New Jersey gays that think that's where you're "supposed to go".

laura said...

re: sex clubs - read the link in the huff post. yes i know all about them, i had many gay friends in NYC. i lived in the west village. one of my friends was "banned" from the anvil. cant imagine why, or i dont want too. one thing i question: why were those clubs in filthy places? was it choice? was it a rent issue? so friends apt was emaculate, well decorated etc. yet, the places he visited, things he did......, over the top. (hardly sanitary by any means). yes it was aids that changed that lifestyle. either people died, (like my friend), or they stopped cold turkey.

laura said...

"we have assimilated & cleaned up our act" what the hell is THAT supposed to mean? assimilate w/who? ("J" this comment deserves some deep thought).

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. With climate change the city & all its duane reeds will be underwater in 50 - 150 years

Anonymous said...

31 year old lifelong New Yorker here, next month I'm moving and couldn't be happier!!! this city has changed and not in a good way, get out now while you still can!!

Unknown said...

Oh my dear Lord. I had a bad day at work (the director is moving all the branch managers, including me, to different branches, because she can). Then I happened across your blog. Now I feel like slitting my throat.

It's really a good thing I was only a visitor to NYC so the emotion isn't too much. But kudos, the blog really does express the pain of separation. And it's art too -- I think the fact that art remains (however temporarily possible) is about all that's going to keep me going.

Much love