Thursday, July 18, 2013

Butcher Shop Sign

The corner of 5th Avenue and Bergen Street in Brooklyn used to house a cheap little furniture store, but Bobo Bergen is expanding and the space is now home to "high-end Scottish whisky bar" the Duke of Montrose, according to Here's Park Slope.

Construction on "the Duke" revealed an old butcher shop sign long hidden beneath the furniture shop's sign. It appears to be hand-painted on metal.

A week after I took this first photo, I received the following shot from reader Joel Schechter with a note saying the sign is being stripped off. Joel saw "a pile of the panels from the old sign removed, stacked on the ground. One of the panels was bent like a pretzel."

Does anyone know anything about this butcher shop specializing in "Quarters for Holiday Poultry"?


Ed Greenberg said...

It was probably "Headquarters for Holiday Poultry".

Here's Park Slope said...

I believe the full sign said "Headquarters for Holiday Poultry." From a commenter on HPS:

"The sign looks like Jaime's Meat Market with the words BEEF CO. superimposed.

In fact, the 1986 phone listings show "Jaime's Meat Market" at that address. Jaime may have been a newcomer, but the space had been offering beef for a very long time. It was called "L & H Beef Co." from at least the early '60s to late '70s. Before that, in the '50s, it was called "Peter's Beef Co." In 1946 listings it was "John Caliendo, butcher."

In the '20s and '30s the space was a jewelry store (Schwartz's)."

Jeremiah Moss said...

oh, yeah, "headquarters" makes a lot more sense! i was thinking of chicken quarters.

thanks HPS for the background info!

Quacko said...

What is the address- my sister lives at 131 5th ave.

Anonymous said...

Found this picture of the Schwartz's jewelry store a previous poster mentioned. As a neighbor, I'd rather have the butcher shop than the bar that occupies the space now.