Friday, May 31, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

Save Pino's Prime Meats from eviction. [Petition]

Ask the DOT to give Frank's Bike Shop some space from the Citibank bikes. [Petition]

Save the Children's Magical Garden. [Petition]

7-Eleven is not New York--go away:

The great Odessa on Avenue A may be closing soon. I can't look. [EVG]

Go see the 1980s/90s NYC show at the Whitney

In Williamsburg, you can learn to make your own boots. [NYS]

Malcolm Gladwell blasts the NYPL: "Luxury condos would look wonderful there." [HP]

Nude art drawing protest against the Citibank bikes. [Gothamist]

On the Central Park 5. [LOM]

June 18: Robert Herman talks about his great street photographs shot in the city from the 1970s to today. [APANY]

"If These Knishes Could Talk," the documentary that chronicles the New York accent, will have its Manhattan premiere at Quad Cinema on Friday, June 21st at 7:30 pm.

19th century cemetery discovered under endangered East Village church. [GVSHP]

40 signs you grew up in Brooklyn. [BF]

Enjoy 1938 NYC in glorious high-definition color:


Anonymous said...

Re" CP 5. So we are to believe these young lads did robberies, assaults, and general mayhem on the night in question but they drew the line at rape?

Wrong. They are guilty as hell, they gave full confessions in the presence of their parents.

Did Maties Reyes rape Trisha Meili? Absolutely. Did these hoodlums also brutalize her? No doubt in my mind.

They belong in prison not the subject of some coffehouse theater documentary.

Brendan said...

"I believe the new small-plates restaurants, fusion Korean taco joints, cupcake shops, and hundreds of other aspirational eateries and twee purveyors that have swept through the city this past decade mask an underlying dread of the end times."

Yes! That's brilliant.

Micah said...

I'm confused by the petition to move the Citibike station near Frank's bike shop.

I was at Frank's to rent a bike on Monday when Citibike launched. He was actually running out of bikes to rent.

Like I told the Post reporters who were there again trying to drum up anti-Citibike quotes, if I want to rent a bike for the day to go to Governors Island or take my kids for a ride, I'll still go to Frank's, because he'll give me a lock and (if I want) a kid seat and the price is a flat rate.

But I plan to join Citibike as well, for those occasions where I want to hop on a bike to get somewhere faster than public transit and don't want to take a taxi. Citibike is perfect for getting to the movies or for visiting a friend in Tribeca, where I don't want to worry about where to lock up a bike and where biking back might not work as well.

Frank should be putting up a big banner encouraging Citibike members to get their helmets and other accessories from him--not trying to move Citibike a block or two farther away (which isn't going to make a lick of difference to his business).

Anonymous said...

In her book "After Henry", Joan Didion wrote about the CP5. Prescient?

Ed said...

The "Forty Signs you Grew Up in Brooklyn" site seems to have been put together by people who did not set foot in the borough before, say, 2011.

This is a much better discussion of Brooklyn, that sheds light on alot of the hypergentrification issues discussed in this blog:

Brian Van said...

Can I sign a petition to NOT have the Citibike docks near any bike store moved? Citibikes are $10 per day, but helmets are $60 a pop. He's gotta be able to make that work out for him.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a petition for Brian Van to just stay in tumblr and eater?

Anonymous said...

"Can I sign a petition to NOT have the Citibike docks near any bike store moved?"

Yeah, now you can: here

Jeremiah Moss said...

just shared your petition on my Facebook page. as i said there, I'm almost tempted to make another petition to ignore the petition to ignore the original petition, but that's getting way more meta than I can handle.