Friday, May 10, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

"Big Nick’s Burger & Pizza Joint has been in limbo for months, as its landlord has said he will hike the restaurant’s rent by about $20,000 a month. 'It’s some kind of torture,'" says Nick. "I can't sleep at night." Send your Big Nick memories to West Side Rag and help brighten Nick's day. [WSR]

Help restore Jim Power's Mosaic Trail. [EVG]

Lower East Side bohemian Taylor Mead has died of a stroke after a long battle with his landlord. [TLD]

Take a walk with a Walker in the City. [WIC]

Fantastic shots of 42nd Street in the 1990s before it was bulldozed and sanitized. [NYC90s]

Inside those $10 apartments that used to be the Mars Bar building. [Gothamist]

Top editors abruptly leave the Village Voice. [NYT]

Some good old-school signs. [ENY]

And now...7-Elevens are coming in two-story sizes. [DNA]

Saturday May 11: Check out super-8 films on the "iconography of the city, queerness, and grrl culture"--including scenes of the East Village in the 90s. [MF]


LorenzoStDuBois said...

Big Nick's is truly a treasure. I go there frequently, talked to a guy there yesterday. He says:

All the people there want to stay
All the customers want to stay
The landlord is trying to price out not just them but the other three small stores up to the corner.
They probably want to put in a bank or something.

Killing the goose that laid the golden egg. They will make out like bandits, but untold future generations will be culturally impoverished. 21st century unchecked capitalism: strip-mining and looting our wonderful world. Who will stop it?

laura said...

thankyou of informing me about taylor. what a sad story, i knew him for years.