Friday, March 22, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

Bravo's Andy Cohen tells the Times, "I hope that the incentives for small businesses in Manhattan improve so that we can maintain the fabric of what makes this city great, which is originality... I can’t stand going on and seeing what’s next to go." [NYT]

Scorsese on the development of more Bowery high-rises--they "only create more chaos, more disruption and ultimately offer The Bowery up to the elements of conformity." [DNA]

Alec Baldwin fights the Mighty Quinnberg. [HP]

A history of the Meatpacking District's death by retail. [Racked]

Check out Alan Wolfson's miniature Village Cigars. [AW]

Hear the stories of Midwood's senior citizens. [TLP]

No more Hong Wah for MacDougal St. [WSP]

"It is safe to say that the place will not be turning into an artisanal cocktail joint any time soon. Donovan’s is going to be, more or less, Donovan’s." [NYT]

At the Met, punk as couture. [Met]

The creative class strategy has only made cities better for "the hip and cool." [DB]

Richard Florida replies. "Enough already with this tired and divisive debate about families versus hipsters." [DB]


Anonymous said...

BRAVO's Andy Cohen is part of the problem. He's a purveyor of mind garbage that particularly appeals to the type of mainstream media consumer that moves to New York City now. Just look around at all the "Real Housewives" clones walking around the city. Then he complains about New York's lack of originality? I'm happy your blog got a shout out Jeremiah, but his quote is nothing to be proud of (at least in the sense of who said it).

glamma said...

We need all the help we can get in this fight, him, Scorcese and everyone else with a loud voice!
Plus Andy Cohen is a New York original and a freakin rockstar to boot.
Love you ANDY!

Ivan said...

I have suddenly become a fan of Alec Baldwin. Strange start to the weekend.

Quinn tried to distance herself from the term-limits vote, saying she did not support it, but she didn't mind being re-elected for a third term. Get her out of office already.

Crazy Horse said...

Andy Cohen complaining about the loss of small businesses in his neighborhood is like a cowboy complaining about the lack of Indian and Mexican stores in his neighborhood.

But good for you and this blog. Maybe now people will understand and be sympathetic to this city becoming extinct.

Crazy Eddie said...

Quinn is truly an evil creature, she will throw you under the bus at any given opportunity. "The Chosen One” must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of saying this because it's obvious that y'all are too thick to get it, but the people coming to New York now are no different. The culture has changed - as it will do - and you're just a bunch of whiny people who can't deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Is/was there a metal plate or marker in the sidewalk in front of Village Cigar? Still there? Significance?

Quinn, I've been told, is favored by the real estate crowd. BTW, what happened to Tom Duane. The Quinnster hung on to him for a while, before moving on to the Elfin Mayor.

Anonymous said...

And your comment isn't whiny, 4:43? You're just projectting your thickness and whinyness.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I'm tired of people saying "deal with it."
People who say things like are the ones who seem "thick" to me. "Dealing with it" requires no thought or action. I hope you're happy, stewing in your complacency...

Claribel said...

I don't know how you manage to cover so much ground online and across the City, but want to thank you for this week's posts and links. You work too hard! Time to kick back with an egg cream and tuna sandwich this weekend.

The Kotkin creative class article can't be read without also reading Florida's rebuttal. Never read Florida's work, but have to say I think his conclusion and rebuttal kick some Kotkin ass. Call me an optimist. Yikes! Not really.

Love the Listening Project Midwood interviews. Just wonderful morsels to appreciate. Thanks again for the links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 4:43 PM, I mean Quinn, for commenting.

laura said...

i grew up in midwood, & suscribed to the listening project. went back to the old neighborhood in 2005. hadnt been there since 1966. caravilles coffee shop on ave M was still open, a place for the elderly jews. we had dinner there, it could have been 1955. i wonder if they tore it down? other than that most sinage was in hindu or vietnese.

Anonymous said...

When I saw that mention I thought "cool! Hope that's a big traffic booster." Love your site.