Friday, March 15, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

Today: Go to the Broken Angel Eviction Party. [FB]

Su Friedrich on the decimation of Williamsburg. [NYT]

Papaya King is coming to St. Mark's Place. We approve. [EVG]

Russ & Daughters on Leonard Lopate. [WNYC]

The East Village is now the noisiest neighborhood in town. [AMNY]

St. Mark's Bookshop on their story, e-books, and the East Village: "It’s not the neighborhood for poor, struggling artists, which it always had been. No matter if you were a filmmaker, an artist, a writer, or theater person, you gravitated towards the East Village because it was community of like-minded souls. You could be poor here." [PS]

Domino Sugar factory cuteness on film. [ANY]

Before he's done, Bloomberg races to rezone about a million more blocks of Manhattan for about a million more glass towers. [DM]

A Greek souvlaki tycoon is saving Hinsch's. [BP]

What if Bleecker Bob's gets sucked into a fro-yo vortex? [DNA]

Gentrifying the deeper reaches of Brooklyn. [NYT]

Neon at the top of the Rock. [NYN]


Brendan said...

The New York Times real estate section is one of the great forces for evil in our time.

Caleo said...

The article on Bloomberg's mania for massive rezoning shows you how sociopathic our city "leaders" are.
He's afraid NYC is falling behind Shanghai and Singapore in terms of commerce, so the answer must be a total demolition of what's left of historic New York on the UES, to be replaced with dozens of glass towers that only large retail chains can afford to rent ground floor space in. He wants to beat Shanghai to the punch in a mad race to erect as many useless glass phalli as possible.
This fool is so desperately out of touch with the lives of the people who actually live in this city it never ceases to amaze me. His entire reign has been characterized by a forced refashioning of everything that New York represented, to be replaced with a blank slate for the realization of the wet dreams of venture capitalists everywhere.
And Quinn looks to follow closely in his footsteps.

Uncle Waltie said...

"And Quinn looks to follow closely in his footsteps."

She so desperately wants to be the next Mayor that she sold out just about all of her constituents. With Ferrer and Thompson in the race, she may yet come to regret that decision.2601

laura said...

ok, so they are demolishing "turtle bay"?? & "sutton" area? i have a friend who has lived on e.50th st. for over 50 yrs. he owns the apt, in a limestone building. i wonder if he will be evicted because of eminent domain? that street is all townhouses, & maybe one pre war large building. what about beekman place? sutton place? demolished? why not? they did in mexico & china etc etc. any comments?

Ms. said...

Hey Hi--just posted this at FB and thought it might interest you--On August 7, 2012, Jonathan Batiste and The Stay Human Band, with special guest Wycliffe Gordon, wrapped up a gig at Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East Side and proceeded to perform their way to the after party six blocks away, taking the crowd with them and gathering fans along the way. Watch as this New Orleans style jazz riot takes over the city's streets...

The World Doesn't Want Me Anymore, and it Doesn't Know It
by Sean Singer

I am the corner and the cab's glow-up roof.
A tuba and air synth march down Stanton St.

Do a rhumba for an espresso foam by the green lights.
Notice how this dude in the yellow pants is embarrassing himself.

Trying their best to dougie to "My Favorite Things"
And a sexy woman poured-into jeans twirl-a-whirls.

When we see what we were in New York
And what we leave behind

Only stay human is great
Leave your weakness in a jar.