Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lenox Lounge Redux

After the closing and stripping of the famed Lenox Lounge on New Year's Day, this press release just came in from the publicist representing the club:


Despite numerous reports to the contrary, the Lenox Lounge brand will continue without skipping a beat. Tyreta Foster, Esq. and Angélica Thomas, Esq. of Foster Lynch & Thomas, LLC negotiated in earnest throughout the 2012 Holiday Season with Eric Feinberg, Esq. to ensure that Lenox Lounge and its famed Art Deco sign would once again light up the heart of Lenox Avenue.

Alvin Reed, the owner of the lounge, finally inked the deal for the new location at 333 Lenox Avenue on New Year’s Eve. “Just as I restored Lenox Lounge in 2000, I am determined to expand the brand just 2 blocks away,” said Reed. Reed’s latest endeavor will feature 2 floors with an option of a third.

“Of course the famed Zebra Room will get a second act,” Reed continued. “Lenox Lounge has always been a spot where everyone--from Harlemites to foreign tourists--could hang out and listen to great music. Lenox Lounge has always been and will continue to be less commercial and more authentic.”

Michael Coker of Halstead Property and David Chkheidze of Massey Knakal Realty Services were the brokers on the transaction.

photo by Iman Abdulfattah


Ms. said...

WOW some Good good news...let the party continue!

Brendan said...

Now St. Nick's Jazz Pub needs to reopen as promised...