Friday, January 25, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

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Saturating Manhattan with its chain stores is 7-Eleven's #1 priority. [EVG]

The East Village fights back against 7-Eleven. [NYT]

They used to say "It's better than a bank," and now? "...a bar owner applying for a liquor license recently used 7-Eleven as a scare tactic. 'We had an applicant come to us and say, 'If you don't approve my license, I know the landlord is also talking to 7-Eleven.'" [Crain's]

Bleecker Street Records may be vanishing next. [DNA]

Landlord doubles the rent on 87-year-old 9th Street Bakery--closure imminent. [EVG]

"The southern end of the High Line will soon transform dramatically, as what are now some of the most open and exposed parts of the park will be surrounded on all sides by large new developments." [GVSHP]

Middle-class in Manhattan? Maybe, maybe not. [NYT]

When a business shutters, who owns their neon sign? [NYN]

Caleb Carr: "...that is the tragedy of tipping the scales too far in the direction of money. I know it's fatuous to be nostalgiac for a dirtier, more crime-ridden city, but the simple fact is, when there are undesirables, there are undesirable areas; and it is into these undesirable -- and cheap -- areas that move the creative class that keeps a city's lifeblood strong. Without that class, a city has no legend, no ethos, no character; it's just a high-priced dormitory for those who want to think they're part of something long-gone." [CR]

"Are today's young people deluded narcissists?" [CA]

Growing up with Hinsch's. [DJ]

What hyper-gentrification feels like in Berlin:

Offending the Clientele from Sender FN / Retsina-Film on Vimeo.


Brendan said...

The artice on the middle class needs more numbers. It's too wishy-washy. I think if you look at the actual cost of housing, education, etc. in concrete numbers it becomes crystal clear that there is no possibility for middle class people to start families in Manhattan and large swaths of Brooklyn, none at all. It is a crisis.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Re: Middle Class question - I like to think of myself as No Class. Who's with me?

Ed said...

I agree with Brendan. That modern day NYC (at least the central parts) is no place for the middle class is pretty obvious,but it would be helpful if someone ran through the numbers. I won't hold my breath for the NY Times to do it.

Sarah said...

FYI, another lost joint: St. Nick's Pub