Friday, February 24, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

Luna Lounge owner on the LES: "you get what you deserve in this life, I believe. And, because few people were standing up for places like Collective: Unconscious, Tonic, CBGB and Luna Lounge, the Lower East Side must now live with obnoxious bistros that cater to people with little interest or understanding of the former importance of this neighborhood." [EVG]

Death of a bodega prompts "No more yuppies--bring back our bodega" graffiti on E. Houston. [BB]

CB2 says "No!" to NYU's monster expansion. [Curbed]

Glenn Beck attacks the Park Slope Food Co-op for boycotting Israel. [BP]

When being an iPhone zombie just isn't enough:

Check out the LES Film Fest lineup. [TLD]

Harlem neon nocturne. [NYN]

Anapoli ice cream parlor celebrates 115 years in Bay Ridge. [NYDN]

Redesigning 51 Astor Place with "fragments of lost East Village landmarks." [Curbed]

March 9: Networked New York--with blogger panelists. [P&W]

"In Williamsburg, where tattooed moms and mustachioed dads trailed by toddlers are an increasingly common sight, the area is suffering from a shortage of family-size apartments with three bedrooms or more." [WSJ]


Marty Wombacher said...

Nice shot of the iZombie! I was at a bar last night and the only ones who weren't texting, Twittering, facebooking, etc. were myself and the bartender. Why do people even leave their apartments to sit and stare at an iPieceofcrap?

Filmatix said...

Yeah, that pic encapsulates it all. There's something about the set of her mouth that equals entitlement, not to mention the whole aesthetic.

Wombacher, I'm def. stealing iZombie, though I wouldn't be surprised if you or others coined it before. I got the same sinking feeling recently when I heard some random ad about a sand-proof carrying case so people can take their iCrap safely to the beach.

To paraphrase Public Enemy, iCrap = the new "Channel Zero."

Dolly Pickins said...

I wonder if the izombie knows she's walking past Liv Tyler's town house? Maybe she's Liv's assistant.

randall said...

I think I would just feel like an asshole if I was walking around holding an ipad. The thing is just too big to be inconspicuous. It's like walking around reading a book or newspaper.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Anapoli is a lovely place, & seems a lot more bustling than poor, beautiful Hinsch's was towards the end. Very welcoming too. Let's hope they have many more years.

Anonymous said...

Filmatix nailed it. I do believe the iZombie is the social entity,quasi style arbiter, and hyper self promoting L.Sykes. Welcome to the "fabulous" Far West Village.