Tuesday, February 7, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

At the Post, John Podhoretz attacks the anti-chain zoning plan for the UWS--because small stores apparently are not endangered by the corporate chain machine. [NYP]

When did the East Village officially become the East Village? [EVG]

The request to co-name 13th Street "Cornell Edwards Way" was passed unanimously. [HNY]

"Park Slope is dead." [NYer]

The last working phone booths in NYC? [LC]


Brendan said...

That East Village article is fascinating.

Question for people who might know: did the gentrification of the East Village proceed slowly from 1960 on, despite the decline of the city as whole? Or was it interrupted and reversed by the decline in the 70s, only to resume later?

Space Pope said...

RE: New York Post article

For time immemorial the New York Post has been regarded as 'that rag that's somewhere between the Enquirer and a cat-house roll of toilet paper'. Their journalistic integrity has long been brought under the microscope, and John Podheretz smacks me as a Rush Limbaugh with a half-moon hairline.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

That New Yorker article on Park Slope was aggravating. Was Park Slope ever trendy in any form other than a place for excessively large families of hipsters-turned-yuppies?

Southpaw was briefly a great indie rock hangout. Then it lost its booking agent. The glory days ended. Southpaw and Union Hall, a hip, young Williamsburg-redux it does not make.

That article was a synthetic, phony conjecture about a Park Slope that never was.

And that photo of those two Sex-and-the-City types says it all.

"We're losing something that we never had here".

Give me a break.