Monday, May 14, 2018

Posman's to Warby Parker

When Posman Books was evicted from Grand Central in 2014, New Yorkers were heartbroken.

At the time of the closure, it was understood that Posman's spot would be left vacant for "short-term storage area during the construction of the new eateries planned for Vanderbilt Hall." The neighboring Rite-Aid was allowed to stay in business.

But then (two years ago now), a new tenant moved in.

Warby Parker, the eyeglass chain, moved into Posman's space.

So what's that about? Why did we have to lose another bookstore?

today: Rite-Aid and Warby Parker

From these before and after shots, it looks like only a small portion of the space is being used by Grand Central.

before: Rite-Aid and Posman's

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John K said...

I guess this means you can now shop for cute glasses in Grand Central Station but you won't need them for reading books you once could buy there.