Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Meet Me at the End of the World

Jesse Malin just released a video for the title track of his EP Meet Me at the End of the World, an album that Rolling Stone calls "a mix of Lower East Side grit and Simon & Garfunkel Americana pop."

The video features the great Ray's Candy and B&H Dairy, two luminaries of the East Village small business scene -- plus a cameo from Ray himself.

Check it out:


Unknown said...

Silly as hell, but I bet this kept some wardrobe people very busy. Plus who knew Malin looked so good in a mustache?
But seriously, a very solid song here, and his songwriting just gets better and better over time. B&H Dairy and everyone working there are THE Best. Thanks for posting!

Downtowner said...

I love all the real people in the video - it couldn't be more representative of the neighborhood if it tried. The opposite of the Taylor Swift / Beyonce slickness that has come to define the video genre.

Polly said...

RAY!!!! <3 <3 <3!!!!!