Friday, September 1, 2017

Cube Christened

The Astor Place Cube has been christened.

photo: Joe Preston

After getting spruced up and sanitized almost a year ago by the Village Alliance BID for the new, more controlled, and semi-privatized Astor Place, The Alamo has finally attracted some good old-fashioned chaos. In yellow spray paint. With a Pac-Man and a heart.

Unless, of course, that's some stealthy authentrification.

Happy end of summer.

And Grieve reports -- the private forces of the Village Alliance have already been on it:


Unknown said...

Needs more cowbell.

FlyOnTheWall said...

Real New York artists do not vandalize another artist’s work. 10-1 the vandal just arrived from Wiscotucky in the past 2 years.

Brian said...

Guess there are a lot of non-real New York artists out there.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Saw you on NY1. Cafe Orlin has been opened for more than 30 years is closing it's doors in October. Thought you'd be interested. It's located on stmarks and 2nd ave.

Unknown said...

Does no one remember the painted "Imagine" on that very same cube a few decades ago?