Friday, August 25, 2017

Exorbitant Rent

The Golden Food Market on 7th St. and 1st Ave. shuttered suddenly a few weeks ago.

As Grieve reported at the time: An LLC bought the building for $5.8 million. "According to a reader who spoke with the Golden Food Market (aka Ali's) staff, the lease was up for renewal and the new landlord wanted an increase that was more than the store could manage."

This week, someone has expressed their displeasure about the closing, writing "EXORBITANT RENT" across the front door.

Inside, the place is already gutted. And through an upstairs window, an apartment is gutted, too. No doubt, there is more to come. This graffitist has a lot more work to do.

If the City Council had passed the Small Business Jobs Survival Act by now, we might still have our corner market. You can help before the next one goes.


RMAN said...

Great location for a bank


TheBlueMan said...

Great location for a food market too.
And it's really a shame. :( I used to walk by this place all the time. It's been a landmark of sorts for me when i had to get around to my friend's apartment when she could still live here and the staff was friendly. When will the corporatization of one of the last neighborhoods in Manhattan come to a halt? This really needs to stop. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach and makes me want to vomit.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

We already have enough banks, pharmacies and liquor stores.

Walter said...

Ali has already moved his operation a couple of doors north to a much larger space.*
Yeah, it's a little more expensive than the old one, but the guy has to survive and the selection is vast. Good luck to Ali, a very hardworking, nice guy. The International Bar, 2 doors south, will be moving when their lease is up at the end of November. The plan is for I-Bar to take over the space of their sister bar "The Coal Yard" near 6th Street.