Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Last Love


The last Love store in New York City is closing.

photo & tip from Mimi Fischer: @mimi_yes_and_u

After 35 years, the Love store (discount health and beauty aids) on West 72nd Street will be closing on June 25.

Love was once a local, homegrown chain with 35 locations around the city. In the late 1990s, the bigger Duane Reade bought up a bunch of Loves. New Yorkers were not happy about it. One customer told the Times, ''It's just another megastore thing, and nobody likes it.''

In their goodbye note, prominently displayed in their window, the Love people write: "The climate for small businesses like ours has fallen precipitously. This reality is ever present as you stroll along the streets of a city marked by empty storefronts where thriving independent businesses once stood. Many have or will be replaced by national retail conglomerates or consolidated by 'big box' stores. Small businesses like ours also see customers come into their stores to learn, and then they make their purchase online." (A shonda. And then there's these people.) (But, once, there was Johnny the Love guy.)

As Love says goodbye, they urge you to shop at your local small businesses. While you still can.

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Unknown said...

I used to go to this store at least once a week. Very sad to see it close and I've always liked it better than Duane Reade. Didn't realize it was at this location for 35 years. Wow.