Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lenox Lounge Lost

Here's what's left of the once great and gorgeous Lenox Lounge. There's nothing but a pile of brick and timber, a couple of broken walls, and the ghosts of Harlem past.

photo: Lynn Lieberman (AFineLyne)

Untapped Cities has more photos, if you'd like to rend your garments and beat your breast in grief.

The demolition began earlier this month after a long, sad story--which you can read here. And, yeah, it was the rent. It's almost always the rent. Regulations on commercial rent would have prevented this.


Myomon said...

This is a crime. A straight up crime.

Mod Betty / RetroRoadmap.com said...

UGH. Just UGH. What are "we" doing to our history? We'll have nothing left! No one is building that is meant to last these days anyways (and perhaps that is just as well). This hurts. Why bother going to NYC if it is just like every boring town in the US? Gah.

John K said...

Will it be a clear or a green or a blue glass tower that replaces the Lenox Lounge? The ghost city killed by hypergentrification and neoliberalism just keeps expanding. Thanks for all the work you do keeping us aware of these changes, Jeremiah!

Leslie said...

What a damn shame! Loved that place.

Uncle Fred said...

Let me understand this...you're AGAINST the "taking" of private property when it's a news stand, but FOR it when you endorse commercial rent control?
Pick one ya like, please.