Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Depression Sign

"Depression is a flaw in chemistry, not character," the gold and brown painted sign read. And then it was gone.

On a wall high above the Gray's Papaya at West 72nd and Amsterdam, the sign had greeted commuters, hot dog eaters, shoppers, homeless people, and other assorted New Yorkers since sometime in the 1990s. A few months ago, it was painted over, whitewashed and vanished.

"Through the years it’s clear the sign had become a comfort to people," West Side Rag noted in their report on the whitewashing.

No one knows why the building management decided to wipe it out. And at such a bad time, when so many New Yorkers are feeling the deep blues and could use a little comfort.


Dov said...

It is obvious that Manhattan and its environs are turning into a dystopian version of Gotham City.

Catherine said...

No...it's gone? I used to stare at that sign whenever I caught the M104 bus. Why can't anything just stay...oh what am I saying?