Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bleecker St. Records


Last week, I shared the news that Bleecker Street Records would be closing. This past weekend, they shuttered.

from Bleecker St. Records Facebook page

As noted earlier, the shop left Bleecker Street in 2013 after over 20 years in business when the landlord hiked the rent to $27,000. They relocated to West 4th. Sadly, many relocations don't work out, and stable, long-term small businesses often fold after being forced to move.

The shop's old spot on Bleecker was turned into a Starbucks.

In more depressing news, the record store's famous cat, Creeper, died two weeks ago. Their Facebook page reported:

"She's up in rock & roll kitty heaven with her brother, Scuzzball, and probably sitting on David Bowie's lap on a sparkling cloud floating somewhere above Manhattan."

from Bleecker St. Records Facebook page


* Lavinia* said...

RIP Scuzzball and Creeper. You were righteous kittehs. Au Revoir Bleecker Street Recs, end of an era.

brockelman said...

High rents may take away some of our favorite retailers, but they can't touch our memories.

Why?666 said...

How old was the cat?

TeenieBonkers79 said...

This one really hurts...my brother and I went there in college and I loved still being able to pop in there even 14 years later. I just saw Creeper sleeping in a box a couple of months ago...I'll cherish that place always!

Annie said...

Such a sad update. Rest in Peace, Creeper.