Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Avignone to Sweetgreen

Ever since the beloved Avignone pharmacy was forced out of its very, very long-time location on Bleecker Street, we've been waiting to see what would take its place.

And here it is. Sweetgreen.

It's a chain store. They make salads.

They have over 45 locations across the country. They have a "story" and "core values." Their number one core value, according to their website, is "win, win, win."

At this newly opened location, they held a "private tasting exclusive to NYU." Everyone inside looked really young and healthy and excited to be there. One young woman carried a tote bag that said "EAT PLANTS!"

at the private NYU-only tasting 

In the battle of Old New York versus New New York, I guess Sweetgreen won, won, won.

Avignone was the oldest apothecary in the United States. Family run, it had been in business in New York City for 183 years. Then its building was sold to a hedge fund called Force Capital Management. They tripled the rent to $60,000, essentially forcing Avignone out. The spot sat empty for a long while.

Here's Avignone on PIX 11 News from last year:


Ken Mac said...

At times I'm blind walking my own hood.

Avignone was my pharmacy and I didn't even notice the "winners"had moved in.

Ken Mac said...

I see the also "add the sweet touch." Salads and prostitutes

Brian said...

Another sad story. $2k/day rent for a store selling salads. Does this add up? How much do they make on each salad?

Zach said...

Another piece of the fabric of New York destroyed by chains. When are we going to do something about this?