Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Subway Inn II

When the Subway Inn was forced out of its long-time home in December, after attempts to save the 77-year-old dive failed to sway the hearts of World-Wide Real Estate Group, the Salinas family vowed to reopen nearby.

It looks like the new place is progressing well.

the old Subway Inn today--sign removed

The beautiful neon sign was removed from the old spot and is being put back together in the new location at 1140 Second Avenue at 60th Street.

Subway Inn Facebook page

The bar is being rebuilt.

Subway Inn Facebook page

Michael Hirsch sends in this photo of the "coming soon" sign. The final product will include Atomic Wings at the back:

Check out this film by Zagat about Subway Inn's fight to stay alive:


Mitch said...

Now we get to see if there's a happy ending... I am looking forward to going to the new place.

ShatteredMonocle said...

Speaking of this area, Geno was supposed to relocate as well. Anyone know if that will ever happen?

Unknown said...

The Subway Inn is back!

Subway Inn has reopened. The classic sign still adorns the front and looks restored to its glory. Inside looks nice, but a bit smaller. As they just opened Friday, the place still has that new car smell, no spoiled, stale beer smell yet. Hey! Atomic Wings is in the back, no more phoning in your order and waiting for that dude to run back your order.

The place looks the same, but cleaner, albeit a bit sterile, kinda like the new Yankee Stadium. The only thing that hasn't changed is the regulars, that group of blue collar sweat, smeared lipstick, and tight skirts with too small blouses straining under large pushed up boobage as to populate a David Goodis novel.

Welcome back Subway Inn, at least you have survived the guillotine for now, and New York still has one of its dives to call home.