Wednesday, October 8, 2014

5Pointz Falling

I took a walk around what's left of 5Pointz recently.

You can see the destruction as you roll past on the 7 Train, looking down into rubble. And get a closer look on the ground, through a grimy plastic window in the plywood demolition fence.

The entire rear section has already been demolished.

Across the street, a tribute in spray paint: "RIP 5Pointz: Rest in power" and "Enjoy Your Legacy Gerry!"

That probably means Jerry Wolkoff, the owner of the property who was behind the white-wash and now the demolition.

Coming to this spot will two high-rise luxury towers, 47 and 41 stories tall, glittering and dull as downtown Dallas office complexes.

It was also have some very bland people hanging out in its very bland courtyard, where a "graffiti wall" will give the place "street cred."


Shawn said...

That rendering shows a person talking on a flip phone. A FLIP PHONE.

Anonymous said...


That is a hipster affectation now called "Normcore".

Anonymous said...

Its sad to see the art go but that place was a big rat hole.

Anonymous said...

It would be nicer without the graffiti wall,,,