Monday, February 10, 2014

Clover to Wines

Back in November, based on a tip, I incorrectly reported that the long-shuttered Clover Barber Shop in Park Slope was up for rent. Now it looks like the news is coming true--and the old Clover has a tenant.

The same tipster sends in the following photos, showing the Clover clearly with a liquor license application notice taped to its gate.

The notice indicates that an LLC called 382 Wines has applied for an off-premises liquor store license for this address. That likely means a wine shop.

382 Wines is the LLC of Big Nose Full Body, located at 382 7th Avenue, across the street from the Clover. Maybe the wine store is moving, but I'm going to bet it's expanding. The owners, Aaron and Gillian Hans, also run the wine bar Brook-vin, which is also on the same block as Big Nose and the Clover space.

Do three outposts make a mini wine empire--all on 7th Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets? Either way, it'll be tastings instead of trims.

And, unless they're calling the new place the Clover Barber Shop Wine Store, the wonderful old sign--with its scissor- and comb-shaped letter A's--is sure to vanish.

Read more on the Clover and its barber, Mr. Riccardelli, here and here.

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Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings. I live just a few blocks down on 7th Avenue and pass by the barber shop daily. It will be nice to finally have life on that corner. There are two corners within a block of each other that have dead property on the corner and it is really a waste of a wonderful place to shop and enjoy. I absolutely love Big Nose and those who run it. What a great group of people running that wine place. It is very tiny and they have so many wine tastings etc. It will be sad to see the sign come down but it is nice to know a local business is expanding and will continue to invest in our neighborhood. I hope someone gets that sign or at least the pair of scissors from it.