Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rainbows & Triangles


Last month, a reader sent in a bit of "reliable gym gossip," saying that Chelsea's long-time gay gift shop Rainbows & Triangles would soon be closing. I checked it out and the owner confirmed that he was not going to renew his lease this coming spring--the rent is too high, it's time to pack up shop--but he wasn't ready then to announce the closure.

Now, with a big sale, the word is officially out. Kenneth in the 212 broke the news yesterday, saying, "the closing date is not firm but should happen within a month."

Since 1994, Rainbows and Triangles has been the gay Chelsea spot for greeting cards, LGBT books, t-shirts, jock straps, snow globes, novelties--and merman Christmas tree ornaments with six-pack abs.

There's also a special section in the back with XXX adult items. On their Facebook page they've announced: "STOREWIDE SALE! All merchandise is 25%-50% OFF! Christmas merchandise is 70% OFF!" 

Even the leather slings are on sale. Get them while they last. Chelsea's Eighth Avenue is growing duller by the day.


Anonymous said...

That was one of THE best places to buy Christmas cards. They always had such a unique variety.-JT

Anonymous said...

Last place to buy good cards in Chelsea. Boo.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Spain said...

Chelsea is certainly becoming a very different neighborhood. It's pretty much unrecognizable from the way it was in the 1990s.

Daddio_58 said...

It's such a shame. That used to be my place to pick up new dance music cd's, my Andrew Christian underwear, the best greeting cards, occasional wrist bands/neck wear and the guys that worked there were very out-going and friendly. I just stopped in last night and picked up some VERY nice Summer tops 1/2 price. The xxx area was roped off/closed and got another great top from the Bodyworks Mans Gear boutique in the back. I will miss this place!