Monday, April 29, 2013

Frankfurter Rundschau

"Everything Will Be Erased." Talking about the "Hyper-Gentrifizierung" of New York City with journalist Sebastian Moll for the German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau.

If you don't read German (as I don't), Google Translate offers some choice interpretations: "Bloomberg has really turned on the turbo. Since then dies every day the soul of this city a bit more."

The piece is not yet on the newspaper's site, but you can read the whole thing at Sebastian Moll's page.


Gloria said...

I read German and it's an excellent article. It gives a good portrait of what you are trying to do on this blog and is very fair.

Gloria, former New Yorker now in Hamburg

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks Gloria!

Brendan said...

Good interview.

I still don't get why you only consider other gentrifying neighborhoods like Bushwick and Gowanus as alternatives to the East Village. You're writing off most of the city for no reason I can see.

Andrew Stergiou said...

America? What America?

What society lack is real perspectives as to what exacts existed, will exist, and the will to do something, where America has a lot of information, but has failed to act, as should be considered dead as in ???

Well you judge for yourself:

When one of my grandfathers
came to America at the end of WWII the minimum wage was approximately 35-50 cents an hour 75 cents an hour in 1953. In 1946-48 he rented a store front to have a shoe repair business on 9th Avenue in Manhattan with a twenty year lease for $50 a month. that was raised in a renewal of that lease in 1970 to a grand total of $75 a month. This is the same city where Colony Music was recently put out of business by one of these corporate extortionists when they jacked the rent from 1 million a month to 5 million. So if they burned New York City to the ground the one good thing is the rent extortionist would not be in business.