Friday, February 15, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

Target the Coney Island cat and his owner's arcade are forced out to Las Vegas. [ATZ]

Emerald Inn likely to close after 70 years on the Upper West Side. [WSR]

Go see Su Friedrich's "Gut Renovation," on the hyper-gentrification of Williamsburg, in March at Film Forum. [FF]

Arthur Avenue gets a "glossy...chic" beer hall that "aims to change." What will this mean for the old neighborhood? [NYT]

The Brooklynizing of Sweden. [Grub]

Sign the petition to save NYC's public libraries from Bloomberg. [OMFS]

Check out Karen Lillis' new short story--"Set in Greenpoint and the East Village, and on the L train in between." [TC]

Meet Mike Bakaty, East Village tattoo artist. [EVG]

What is a New York Dive? [youtube]


Anonymous said...

Nobody will go to Arthur Avenue for a beer hall except Fordham University students. The area has lots of drug activity and problems by Fordham Road.

Brendan said...

The "old neighborhood" of Arthur Avenue is a fake for tourists, though. The actual neighborhood is Puerto Rican and has been for a long time. If a couple of guys who are actually from there (unlike the Italian business owners) want to start a beer hall, I don't see a problem.

Anonymous said...

That documentary about the hyper-gentrification of Williamsburg will be a hoot and a half..

There were a few docs like this about Hoboken when I got out of college in the early 90's, and it still makes me laugh how these poor arty types flood and take over a lower-income neighborhood, turn it into a dorko-hipster-Disneyland and then whine and mope about the cruel irony of being priced-out themselves.

You have to wonder if poor, unsuccessful artists who feel entitled to live in vibrant cities around successful people will ever figure out how to find somewhere cheap to live without making it attractive enough for people with money to push them out. Not opening funky bars and coffee shops would be a good start.