Friday, December 14, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

NYU professors mutiny against president Sexton and his plan to bulldoze the Village. Support them at NYUFASP and "stand up for NYC." [NYP]

An oral history of the Beatrice Inn that might make you ill. [NYM]

A treasure trove of photos featuring lost neon signs of NYC. [NYN]

A very detailed hand-drawn map of NYC. [JS]

Ada Louise Huxtable on the destruction of the NYPL's incredible stacks: "This is a plan devised out of a profound ignorance of or willful disregard for not only the library's original concept and design, but also the folly of altering its meaning and mission and compromising its historical and architectural integrity. You don't 'update' a masterpiece. 'Modernization' may be the most dangerously misused word in the English language." [WSJ]

Read more about the stacks here. [NYPL]

Visiting Manhattan's print dealers. [NYT]

"Men’s tights, for so long the preserve of ballet dancers and runway models, are taking Manhattan by storm." [BI]

Our old pal Marty Wombacher has gone back to Peoria--and he's got a new blog. Check it out. [WBIP]

Drunk morons in Santa suits are coming to your neighborhood tomorrow--here's a map of where to avoid. [EVG]


Anonymous said...

Yikes. I read as much of the Oral History of the Beatrice Inn before I could feel my breakfast rising.

What a joke!

if this was a brendan comment said...

Sexton is the very best thing to NYU, bringing all those trust-funders from the Midwest and cleaning-up the Village.

Beatrice Inn with the coked-up fashion designers, models, young socialites is way better than the Beatrice Inn restaurant with the old geezers bitching and whining while dining.

How is the Santacon different than St. Patrick's Day and Puerto Rican parades and other weekends in the East Village? This is way fun
than what I grew up to in the Midwest.

a contrarian trope

Pat said...

Oral History of the Beatrice Inn in New York Magazine: they didn't look very happy in those pictures, did they? While you are remembering the Beatrice Inn when it was a cozy neighborhood restaurant with interesting people, you can also remember when New York Magazine started up with the writers from the defunct New York Herald Tribune. Different times alright.

laura said...

i partly agree. theres too much whoopie in the city. santas drunk, green hats drunk, parades (every nationality, holiday) what ever. but there should be a place for old geezers too.

Anonymous said...

That's kind of depressing. No matter how low-rent gnawing working poor soul eating poverty while I feed my kids still more mac'n'cheese I could always say to myself "Well, at least I got two books in the stacks at the New York Public Library". I'm sure no one ever checks them out.