Thursday, September 13, 2012


Check out three new dreams on the Vanishing NY dream blog. One about a man dancing in a thong by the going-out-of-business electronics shops, another about E.B. White and Maeve Brennan, and one from Goggla about frat boys turning the shuttered South Street Seaport into a "floating beer garden."


JAZ said...

I love reading these - great work!!

laura said...

i had a nightmare about NY severals month ago. (havnt lived there in years). i was unpacking in a really run down apt. walls painted that ugly public building green, but a darker shade. there were room dividers, piles of stuff like laundry. weird, i never lived that way in new york. but ive sure seen it all! this was an apt, but looked like a welfare hotel. something jeremiah would feature here. now THIS next story is NOT a dream: there was one time (in NYC) decades ago, when this dream could be a close comparism. i got back from the middle east 3 months early. my nice w/vill studio was subletted. i had no place to go, it was below zero outside. my crazy friend took me in, studio walk up 5th fl, filthy, 4 animals, couldnt even make coffee, books in bathtub. to top it off i had to go downstairs when one of his latino boyfriends visited @ night. its 2 degrees, im sitting in a coffee shop on columbus & 86th alone in january. sometimes raw reality is WORSE than our scariest dreams!