Tuesday, June 12, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

Another fucking Starbucks for 1st Avenue in the East Village. [EVG]

And yet another fucking Starbucks comes to the Lower East Side. How many more...? [BB]

Romy revisits Jackie 60 and the Chelsea barbers. [WIC]

Talking to Taylor Mead in the vanishing East Village. [PRD]

Our friends at Grade-A Fancy present "Truly Greenwich Village," a guide to the neighborhood's surviving old haunts. Get it before they vanish. [GAF]

Spend some time with Tom's neon sign. [NYN]

On the return of Chinatown Fair (the chickens have been gone a long while). [NYT]

Crawford Jewelry, with the fantastic old clock in the window, is closing on Canal. [LC]

Remembering when Essex Street was the pickle district. [ENY]


Anonymous said...

In case you missed it, Florent Morellet on nostalgia:


MasterBlaster said...

What happened to that Starbucks?! Looks like a bomb went off

Anonymous said...

For sure New York has to clean its act up in lieu of 9/11 and it really needs to quiet down in this type of climate. In the future perhaps the main course city will retun once again albeit healthier, stronger and more secure from outer elements. The main problems early on was the cost of living, and now its the over building. Its a dump without the true decadent nature but its needed for now.