Thursday, February 9, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

RIP Atlas Meats--the last big meatpacking plant in the Meatpacking District is gone:

Resurrect CBGB? No, says Luna Lounge creator Rob Sacher, just let it go and learn to live with the dead. [MF]

Take a video tour of 1994 Coney Island. [ATZ]

Sexy neon signs for Valentines in NYC. [NYN]

"Pink Dorms" coming to the East Village. [EVG]

"Will there be a Pirate Shop occupying the hallowed, beer-baptized grounds of the former Holiday Cocktail Lounge? A Pirate Bar? A bar with pirate booty snacks?" [NYO]

Marty trips to vanishing Bleecker Bob's and Rockit Scientist record shops. [TWM]

See the nastiest subway rats of all time. [Gothamist]

Elaine's goes for $8 million. [NYO]


BrooksNYC said...

Antiseptic ice-city.

Katrink said...

LOVED the Coney video. It's funny how it probably looks like a slum to the uninitiated, but I watched it with nostalgia. Damn, I love Coney!

Anonymous said...

There was a record/CD/tape store on Bleecker near Grove St. Is it still there? There was another on W. 4th near Barrow St. How about it?

Grand St. said...


I think you mean Rebel Rebel on Bleecker, and if so, it is still there.

There was a branch of the mini-chain Disc-O-Rama at W.4th & Barrow for a long while, but that's gone. Their last (I believe) location is on W. 8th near MacDougal.

Anonymous said...

Grand St.-

Thanks; glad to hear Rebel Rebel is still there!