Sunday, July 29, 2007

Teresa's (and others in the EV)

VANISHED: May 2007

Teresa's closed a couple of months ago.

We long ago lost Kiev and Leshko's. The Odessa still stands on Avenue A. Everyone and their mother loves Veselka, but I loved it better before the renovation. We still have Polonia. Or do we? The gate's been closed awhile, but the guy at the neighborhood video store assures me they're only renovating. Let's hope that's true--and that they keep it greasy.

Thank God we've got the B&H Dairy. After a close call a few years ago, they're still churning out the most delicious loaves of fresh-baked challah bread.

And the Stage was closed for awhile, for renovation. It's open again and I don't know what they renovated because, thankfully, it looks exactly the same as before.


Anonymous said...

You may also like Neptune on 12th and 1st.

denise carbonell said...

man...the sadness of beloved eating spots closing seems never to end...does anyone remember the garden on the corner of rudgers and east braodway....?