Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Broome Street Bar--Not Vanishing


In more good news today for old New York, Kenn's Broome Street Bar will not be closing anytime soon. A tipster wrote in, "They just signed a new five-year lease."

A call to the bar confirmed: They're staying put.

A year ago, I broke the news that the 43-year-old bar would be closing, following the death of Kenn Reisdorff. The building soon went on the market.

But reports in the Post that the building had sold (for $12 million) were "erroneous," the bartender told me. For reasons unknown, the building has not been sold. And we can still go on enjoying the Broome Street Bar for another several years.

With this, after the good news about Smith's Bar and Jim's Shoe Repair, we're feeling somewhat optimistic. For now.


5:38 pm said...

Has this blog become Not Vanishing New York?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is odd that it hasn't been sold, given the stories about it. And 12M sounds low for the neighborhood, doesn't it? I'm not exhaling yet.

Wonder if Fanelli's is safe?

laura r. said...

we need some UNvanish. we can only take so much.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Pearl River Mart is set to close in January 2016 -- rent is being raised to half a million a month. Article here: http://lipulse.com/2015/05/18/down-to-the-river-to-pray/