Tuesday, September 21, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Obit: "Jill Johnston, a longtime cultural critic for The Village Voice whose daring, experimental prose style mirrored the avant-garde art she covered and whose book “Lesbian Nation: The Feminist Solution”spearheaded the lesbian separatist movement of the early 1970s." [NYT]

You've got two chances to see The Vanishing City this week--at the Harlem Film Festival 9/23 and then at Willifest 9/25. More info about the film here.

Japan bans Paris Hilton. (Sort of.) What if New York banned Paris wannabes? [yahoo]

Bedbugs make the cover of The New Yorker--in art by Barry Blitt:

Filming now at Soy Cafe: a new "reality" TV show about dating from this lady. Overheard quote: "Okay, so I am going to do my very best to find you the perfect New York City romance, a guy who can sky-dive with you one day and make you breakfast in bed the next!"

For the first time, "a corporation has received permission to link its brand" to the I Heart NY symbol. [NYT]

Vomiting out the window at Motorino. [EVG]

People are shopping in their underpants. is that so they don't pick up bedbugs? [Racked]

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