Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And More Scribbler

Messages from the Scribbler of East 10th Street were covered up when his wall of choice was whitewashed a few weeks ago. Undeterred, enjoying a fresh expanse of empty page, he struck again, printing out his political messages in old-school analog style.

He tells us that "America is being run by dead white men," including Marx and Stalin, and some white men still alive but "maybe" dead, including Bloomberg and "Meathead"--is that a reference to Michael Stivic?

He attacks his usual targets: psychotherapy, the Jews, Communism, anti-smokers, politicians...then gets splashed by someone quoting George Orwell's Big Brother in red paint: WAR IS PEACE.

The Scribbler is having none of that. "Orwell was a Red," he responds. "And so is Bloomberg."

He goes over the sections of his script that have been covered in red paint, darkening the letters in Magic Marker, crossing out responses from other scribblers, responding to their retorts. The "thread," as it were is not linear, like a blog comment thread, but swirls around. Your eye moves up and down, right and left, trying to follow the inked conversation.

Finally, he lights out for unscribbled territory around the corner of the plywood, to the avenue side where he rarely ventures. In that still-white expanse, he adds a bit of curious history: Hitler was the first PETA.

10th Street Graffiti
10th Street Scribbler
Scribbler Strikes Again


  1. Nothing to say about this strange paranoiac, Jere.
    Just thought this post deserved a comment since it seems you put a lot of work into it.


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