Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Grab 'Em

Last night, someone slathered the East Village with posters of the President of the United States explaining his method of sexual assault.

It's the old "grab 'em by the pussy" speech.

Just in time for today's Women's Strike.


  1. His followers are still believing the b.s. he spouts. Too bad they will end up disappointed like the Trump University participants. Kudos to whoever took the effort to remind folks what a sick person he is.

  2. Genius!
    And a great way to honor Women's Day.
    Thank you whoever you are that thought of this, financed it, and posted it.

  3. America deserved satan to lead them. Welll done

  4. Interesting timing.
    Just last night my wife was having dinner and drinks with a large group of New Yorkers, all ardent Trump haters, and she noticed that once everyone was comfortably drunk, the foul, highly sexualized language started pouring out.
    She commented on this degree of hypocrisy, and heard crickets in response.
    Apparently good progressives can talk as nasty as they want, all day every day, but the President can't.
    You people should really get over yourselves, because the empty moral posturing is nauseating.
    By the way, if you want to hear some real hate speech, you should spend 8 hours a day working with Black and Puerto Rican landscaping crews, like I do.
    The amount of racist and misogynistic speech you would hear would make your head spin, unless you happen to be having cocktails with angry Hillary "followers", in which case all is forgiven.

    1. I doubt any of your wife's fellow diners or the landscaping crew are in a position to have their talk broadcast to the nation's children. And the Predator-in-Chief's speech goes beyond hate. He was caught on tape bragging of assault and then slandered the women who confirmed what we all heard him bragging about as liars.
      Alas, it's not Hillary's supporters who are the "forgivers" but anyone who voted for this degenerate freak.

    2. IF your story is true (which I doubt) it still means little. Trump said those things while sober, not "drunk" as you say. Progressives use curse words, of course, but not "all day every day" as you suggest, because some of us know when to adhere to usual social standards. Your president is a blatant compulsive liar, and a puppet for Steve Bannon, Robert Mercer, and others who want to destroy this country while making the rich richer and everyone else poorer.

    3. I absolutely LOVE the fact that you are reminding people of what this horrific man is all about!

    4. I love this children's defense of Trump. When a child gets caught doing something wrong, one of the first acts of defense is to point out what somebody else did wrong. Unfortunately this is the only defense Trump supporters have other than calling everything a lie.
      Teacher: Donnie, why did you pull Lucie's hair?
      Donnie: Steven did it first!

  5. GOOD SHOW -Please have this person/s print millions of this poster and distribute them world wide. Too may have easily forgotten ( or deny) what kind of person they have voted for.

  6. This poster should become iconic and ubiquitous! Everywhere the creature goes it hsuld be visible to him and his entourage of "DEPLORABLES"! Especially it should plastered on road side billboards in those pensytucky bastions of stupidity that harbor the 77,000 goof balls who have saddled this country with an idiot!

  7. PLEASE make these posters available to the public! I'd frame mine!

  8. excellent work, congrats to the poster maker

  9. The Creature says referring to Trumpcare:

    "It will end in a beautiful picture"

    Stock for funeral providers and Funeral establishment beauticians soared!

  10. And taken down incredibly quickly, unfortunately. Just walk down 4th there and saw they've all been removed (or covered up).

  11. "By the way, if you want to hear some real hate speech, you should spend 8 hours a day working with Black and Puerto Rican landscaping crews, like I do." Very interesting- do you work with them,or do they work FOR you? I'll wager it's the latter.If that's the case, are they legal? Do they work on the books & get paid at least minimum wage? Are taxes & Social Security withheld from their wages? Do you support Trump's immigration policies even though they might restrict your access to a cheap,probably illegal labor pool? When they are all deported, will your business suffer when you have to raise prices because you now have to pay people more to work for you? To quote you, " the empty moral posturing is nauseating."

  12. Caleo and others like him/her simply do not get it. Trump wasn't some drunk at a private party. He was a so-called TV celebrity on national TV exposing his real character, or should I say lack of character. Yet, 70+ thousand voted for the idiot knowing that he lacked any true integrity, decency or solid character. - which only forces one to question the character of those voters.
    And quit telling the Dems they only complain because they lost. No - the Dems and independents just happen to have enough decency to recognize how much this conman is harming America.

  13. I knew some responses would be worth a good laugh.
    bluesharpbob- yeah, I work with them, they don't work for me... meaning the rest of your screed is pointless because it doesn't represent me or my opinions.
    I'm not a Trump supporter, but I also don't support mindless hysteria drummed up by the prestige media working in full alignment with the CIA and the State Department, like the NYT/WashPo/CNN.
    Apparently none of you know what Wikileaks is. You should go there and spend several hours reading about the people and organizations all of you voted for and their cynical and open collusion with foreign despots and Wall Street.
    Where was "The Resistance" when Clinton and the DNC robbed Bernie of the nomination? Where was the outrage and protests ?
    Where were all of you when Barack was bombing wedding parties with drone strikes, or Hillary was overseeing the overthrow of Qaddaffi and the destabilization of Libya, or the CIA was funding jihadis to turn Syria into a warzone ?
    If any of you are capable of independent thought, and not knee jerk emotionalism, go to Wikileaks and see how horrendously corrupt the Clintons, Democrats and Republicans truly are, and what the CIA and the NSA has been up to with Obamas full oversight and approval.
    Getting lost in the esoterica of identity politics or offhand locker room talk by a blowhard hardly qualifies as informed activism.
    You've allowed yourself to be mislead and misdirected by a media apparatus that hates Trump not because he is evil, but because he threatens to dismantle decades of foreign policy maneuvering and corruption deep inside the bowels of the Federal government.
    So yeah, I find it hypocritical when progressives get a moral rush from signaling how much they hate Trump ( And Bill Clinton did worse) while supporting candidates who've actually overseen the destruction of entire societies.
    Some of you need to get a grip.
    And I've pre-ordered your new book Jeremiah. Look forward to reading it.

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