Friday, October 29, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

A grisly corpse in the East Village...blood on the concrete at St. Mark's Church...a natural death or foul play by feline?

Go see Lost Bohemia, the story of Carnegie Hall's studio tenants and their failed fight to stay at home--next week at the New York Documentary Film Fest.

What to tip a cabbie when you puke in his car. [Gawker]

Into the former Old Homestead Inn space comes the Coal Yard--another good bar from the fine folks who brought back The International, dedicated to preserving local life. [EVG]

Hexing redevelopment at SPURA Site 4. [BB]

Meet the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club. [13]

How a NYC education can cost you over a million dollars--if you're one of those lunatic parents who believes the right pre-school is the golden road to Harvard. [HP]

The city's candy stores. [NYT]

Bedbugs at the UN--poor people setting fire to their mattresses. [NYP]


  1. The year before I left 12th Street, I found a fairly large dead red-tailed hawk on my terrace.

    I have a feeling that they eat rodents who have ingested rat poison over at Thompkins Square.

    Even dead, it was extremely handsome!

  2. I just saw a dead sparrow on something sinister afoot??

  3. every so often it seems someone poisons the pigeons. maybe the little birds get caught up in that sinister business.

  4. That's not a sparrow. It's a yellow chested warbler. This is the time of year they migrate, and sadly they tend to whack into tall glassy buildings and die.

    If you see one deal like this—almost as if frozen in mid flight—that is exactly what happened.

  5. I saw a dying sparrow on Houston. I also saw a great many panicked sparrows swooping and swirling outside my kitchen window. I suspect hawks.

  6. Looking at the picture again, it wasn't a sparrow I saw; it was a yellow chested warbler. Outside a glass building (the Ludlow), looking dazed.

  7. the World Trade Center was a major killer of migratory birds.

  8. it was peta who brought world trade center down.

  9. Haha someone's been drinking the Franzen-aid.


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