Wednesday, October 21, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

The Swiss are listening to the death rattle of New York--Lost City and Vanishing NY are interviewed for Switzerland's daily paper. Anyone read French? [Le Temps]

Slum Goddess on Page 6! Says the newly crowned celeb, "Can't wait to stumble out of a limo with no underwear on so the paparrazi can catch it on film..Then i'll go to Mars Bar for my photo spread." [SG]

At the East Harlem mall, after much delay, developers bring "suburban-style big-box shopping" to Manhattan. [NYT]

Next to vanish: The city post offices. [CR]

The pitchforks came out this week for Le Souk. [EVG]

10/24: Check out open art spaces in Bushwick. [BBK]

Another demolition for Hester Street. [BB]

St. Marks has signed copies of Lethem's "Chronic City." [SMB]

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  1. Lethem blows. His brand of writing is amateurish and catered to the masses more than the Gap and these commercial ventures that this website seems to be against.


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