Monday, October 19, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Yet another fratboy bar--complete with beer pong--makes itself comfortable on the new LES. [Grub]

For those of you who, like myself, enjoy complaining about idiot cell-phone behavior, here's one from the Times' Complaint Box. [CR] ...and here's the best of readers' comments to the complaint.

Etherea Records lives on--out of an office space in DUMBO. [Stupefaction]

The East Village on weekends is like "Dante's 8th Circle of Hell," but not for stars of Gossip Girl, who make themselves right at home at Mars Bar. [EVG] & [EVG]

At the wake for the old ABC No Rio building. [FIB]

Here's a scene that stirs my brand of real-estate envy--someone is sitting in that bank of windows, writing, on a quiet Village street:

The Art Cars are making the rounds around town--Slum Goddess snapped a bunch and so did Boogie.

More scenes of big change from Taxi Driver to today. [SNY]

Giuliani uses fear to support Bloomberg: "I worry daily that the city might be turned back to the way it was, to the way it was before 1993." [Gothamist]

Madonna's neighbor is suing her noisy ass: "The building's board says it has already threatened to evict." [yahoo]


  1. I saw 'Taxi Driver' in a Times Square movie house back in those years and it was interesting to see 13th Street (had to smile cause the next block, 1st Avenue, was home!). The film was no different from the ugly reality that was life in those day...God, what changes have occurred! How many times did I go into the Variety Photoplays? Way too many, that's for sure. And thinking about those days I'd like to emulate Travis and blow my brains out too...

  2. First, I read that the SLA was going to take away liquor licenses if a bar had beer pong. What happened to that?

    Second, I will truly miss that ABC No Rio building, but am so grateful that a new building will come up in its place. I hope they don't get so fancy that it loses its edge, which the grim atmosphere provokes.

    It's difficult to walk on that block that is now so clean and upscale, and remember the way it was, the absolute delight and surprise at finding art inside this strange place that felt like Siberia, was so special and endearing.

    Going there was a huge revelation to me -- about art, music, talent and taking it down to the bone to reveal a certain dark truth, where art is accessible and close to the heart, painful and imaginative and full of spirit in a way you can't find or feel in mainstream venues.

  3. I cherish my bar more every day. At least at happy hour. It may well be horrific later; the regulars are usually out by eight. I could say more, but I might let something slip, and who knows who might be reading this? (Ironic that my word verification is "aintlitt.")


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