Friday, October 16, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Enjoy a payphone tour of Third Avenue with Anna Jane Grossman. [Obsolete]

Brilliant: Get your souvenir miniature of the recession's failed glass towers. Boym also makes "Buildings of Disaster." [Curbed]

Revisiting the Times' "Rooms" of the city. [NYT]

St. Marks' newest burger joint goes up for beer license Monday--but they're already selling beer. [EVG]

"Downtown is dead," says Alex... [FP]

...but it lives on in the new film Downtown Calling, a look at NYC from 1977-1985. [Stupefaction]

Looking forward to the Cambridge Companion to the literature of NYC. [P&W]

A particularly icky NYC Rhymology. [NYCR]


  1. i don't like Madonna, but I like Downtown Calling. Okay, "Vogue" was pretty great.

  2. I used to like "Vogue" until I saw "Paris is Burning," which basically exposed Madonna as less of a chameleon and more of an appropriator.


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