Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Left Bank Goes Online

After being pushed off West 4th Street by a rent hike (and replaced by a cafe that's now gone), and then having to leave their next location due to high costs of business, Left Bank Books has a new life online.

You can't smell the books. You can't touch the books. But at least you can still find and buy the books.

Plus: There's a note in the About section that says the owners "hope to re-open in the Village sometime in the near future."

Fingers crossed.


  1. I love how the site is kind of low-tech. And you can browse the books pretty easily - in which the listings are in fact photos of the actual books.

  2. I also hope they can find a new storefront. Bookselling, even for specialty and rare books, usually doesn't rack up the kinds of rent dollars today's rapacious landlords demand. But I'm not giving up hope for Left Bank Books and other small businesses like them.

  3. Picked up "Tenth Street" by Bill Binzen from their site. Actually fun to browse as they have photos of the book interiors.

  4. I worked at Tenple Bar as Coat Check then Cocktailer all the way through grad school: now I recur on The Americans!!


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