Monday, April 20, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Reverend Billy's mayoral campaign message wins over the Wall Street Journal. [via RS]

In case you're feeling sad for Wall Street's fallen masters of the universe, read this eye-opener of an article. Writes the author, "It is difficult to sympathize with these people, their comments laced with snobbery and petulance." [via Gothamist]

Last year, New York brought us the City of Glass slideshow--today, it's the Glass City that never got built. [NYM]

The boutique-ification of Extra Place continues as their second tenant has arrived. Next to Chocolate-War Central, a boutique called Montana Knox has opened, featuring a "one-of-a-kind retail experience"...complete with hipster, downtowny, graffiti-style cartoon bunnies. Which are, admittedly, kind of cute:

Grieve discovers the joys and oddities of old-timey NYC shop Olivo's on Ave C--and it's shuttering. [EVG]

City tries sprucing up Clinton and Grand with a Cemusa. [Boogie]

Bronx not happy with Sliwa's "Underbelly" tours. [RS]

New Yankee Stadium kicks out Bronx little leaguers. [NYT]

Still made in NYC: Mannequins. [NYT]


  1. Underbelly Tours? If people really want to see "dope-sucking, psychopathic, killing machines" he should give tours of City Hall.

  2. Actually the McChang view killer thing on Fourth / 13th seems to have stalled somewhat.

    Not much more structural steel has been added in a number of weeks.

  3. We really need to place you and Grieve under house arrest. You guys are becoming the Grim Reapers of city.


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