Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Universal Gear


Another gay shop is vanishing from Chelsea's 8th Avenue. Universal Gear, opened here in 2001, is closing.

Richie writes in: "We walked by last night and saw the going out of business sign. Walked in and asked the employee who said the landlord raised the rent and so they lost their lease."

They will gone by the end of July and are having a "massive liquidation sale" until then. They have another store in Hell's Kitchen, where gay Chelsea has migrated after being evicted from 8th Avenue. A relative newcomer, Universal Gear joins Camouflage, Rainbows & Triangles, The Rawhide, and many others in exile from the former gayborhood.

Here's how it's happening.


laura r. said...

has it occured to you that this shops WERE the gentrication process? there's nothing about that store that relates the chelsea working class. it's ugly & never worked well w/the building in a design sense.

HotAlexFromTroy said...

don't forget paradise cafe as part of the eviction process

HotAlexFromTroy said...

Are you speaking for the working class as a member of it ? Or are you one of the new strolleratti that now 'own' the sidewalks in Chelsea and have ample time to gauge the 'intention of the design of the building' much unlike the working class you are referring to.
The way I see it Chelsea was an ecosystem for certain groups of people and now it's starting to match the cerebral concept of 'used as designed' well ordered stepford hailing wasps

Anonymous said...

As long as they leave the porn shop alone it'll be OK - plus they are in hells kitchen the new gayborhood- plus they opened in 2001 and the hood had already started changing-