Tuesday, July 15, 2014

John's Pizzeria, UES


Reader Murray writes in: "much to my dismay the Upper East Side John's Pizza on 64th Street (between First & York) closed. I went there tonight for some pizza and there was a 'closed' sign on the door and a for sale sign on the window and the place looked abandoned."

It looks like this John's vanished without warning sometime in June.

They opened here in 1985 (the Times did a big profile in 1993 of owner Pete Castellotti and the opening of his west side location). John's of Times Square is still owned by Castellotti family members, though their website has a prominent disclaimer that says "John's of Times Square is not affiliated with or associated with John's of Bleecker Street," no doubt due to the family feud of a couple years ago. Maybe John's of the Upper East fell to the feud?

Back in January we heard the rumor that the original and much beloved John's of Bleecker Street would shutter. They said "no way," but with this mysterious closure you have to wonder.


Anonymous said...

Wow - I just stopped in a few wks ago. Glad I did. Good pizza has become a rarity in NYC these days & John's was always a sure thing. Damn. Each one of these losses has this native nyer closer to leaving.

laura r. said...

same owners as johns pizza on spring st? or is it prince? they also had a restaurant next door. if yes, its the best pizza in the world.