Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Cupcake Down

When Billy's Bakery moved onto Elizabeth Street, on a block that used to be Little Italy and is now "Nolita," the Voice remarked that its presence was "ensuring that the cupcake trend will never, in fact, die."

So what does it mean for the cupcake trend that Billy's on Elizabeth has now closed?

Thanks to reader Tim for the tip and the pic

We've been hearing about the cupcake backlash for a few years now, but the trend has raged on unabated, ever since Carrie Bradshaw took that fateful bite that destroyed Bleecker Street. Not even the death of King Kong by cupcake could stop it. The cupcakes just kept coming. No sacred space has been off-limits to them, as evidenced by their move from Beverly Hills to the hallowed, zebra walls of the great Gino.

But now one of their own has fallen (don't worry, there are three more Billy's locations), and from a block known for its cupcakey consumers (not so long ago known for Italian ladies who'd sit on folding chairs and peel potatoes into paper bags). 

Maybe it means nothing. Just a blip in the cupcakesphere. But we can dream.


glamma said...

Hahaha great title and post... LMAO

esquared™ said...

[the cupcake] appeal had something to do with a "We're all special" mentality: "As Generation Y works its way into the workplace and marketplace, we find more people saying, 'I want to have my cake—cake that is individualized, reflects the special person that I am, and is packaged for one—and eat it, too.'" A cupcake is not for sharing. ... "A cupcake is masturbatory!" ... [it] is inherently onanistic.

Anonymous said...

There's still the Little Cupcake Bakeshop a block away from there.

abrod said...

Just hearing or reading the word cupcake is starting to bother me.

Brian Dubé said...

Looks like this food bubble may be on the brink of popping.
esquared brings up a very interesting point, though. I guess it works both ways - we all want to have our cake and eat it too (in multiple aspects of our lives), but at the same time bring a bunch of cupcakes to a birthday party and everyone gets what they want instead of being disappointed over the flavor of one large cake. It all boils down to convenience, which NYC is a mecca for.

JAZ said...

I hope the one on Franklin is next.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

And please, please let those damn frozen yogurt places melt away too.

Michael Simmons said...

Maybe the protein fad killed off the cupcake fad.

Jeff Trexler said...

I'm not sure that this is indicative of a trend. The space was small--practically no seating in the shop or immediate area. The hours were relatively short. The LCB is thriving. If anything, the closure illustrates the importance of layout and location.

Pat said...

Recently I nipped into Georgetown Cupcakes on Mercer Street to see what they were charging, $2.75 for a little cupcake, no bargains there. People were lined up to buy and some of them were taking pictures of the cupcakes on the shelves at the counter with their camera phones. Oooohhh look where I went!!! Right up there with the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Flatiron.

Uncle Waltie said...

Cupcakes in New York, why do they seem so inviting?
Cupcakes in New York, it spells the thrill of first-imbibing.
Glittering crowds and shimmering clouds in canyons of dough;
They're making me feel: I'm home.
It's cupcakes in New York that bring the promise of new flavors.
Cupcakes in New York are often mingled with sprinkles.
Dreamers with empty hands may sigh for exotic lands
but always come back for some cupcakes in their hands.
Cupcakes in New York, the gleaming toppings at sundown
Cupcakes in New York, they lift you up when you're let down.
Jaded dimwits and gay divorcees who lunch at the Cupcake Factory
Will tell you that it's quite cakey.
Cupcakes in New York transform the slums into doucheville
With Cupcakes in New York, you'll need no castle in Williamsburg
Cupcakes that taste good in the dark
On benches in Tompkins Square Park
Greet cupcakes in New York

laura said...

i must be the only person here who finds nothing wrong w/cupcakes. i understand if an old business leaves, the rent goes up- & the new place sells cupcakes. so you are angry as you dont need another cakestore, the old business was more practical. the cupcakes are not the problem, & these stores are not as offensive as big chains. it is very stupid & immature to analyze a small cake, find hidden meanings. so dumb, do you realize what you sound like? i grew up in brooklyn w/ 2 nice bakeries. not chains, but they did sell cupcakes. i have nice memories, do you disrespect me? yes $3 dollars is a crazy price to pay. taking photos of a cupcake is a non offensive fun thing to do. i changed my mind, you all sound more like very old bitter people, who cant wait to jump on someone for ......what?????? taking photos of a cupcake! i have also photographed cakes, so i take offense.

BarBarSeven said...

The food bubble is not going to burst. Why? Like it or not, food & drink are the only real small businesses most folks can start nowadays.

But cupcakes… Good lord… Go away already.

laura said...

the cupcakes are fast turn over, take out. thats why they open. same w/yogart, ice cream etc. its either this or gigantic chains. i would choose this, even though i would not buy the product. unfortunatly some of the storefronts are ugly. i love magnolia, if its still there. it is a lovely bakery, carrie had good taste to go. if you want to stop something, focus on walmart, mega stores, & the rest. thats SO un new york!!!!!