Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Footmen Booted

Recently, I speculated that the city's assault on the gay leather Eagle bar was done to benefit the High Line and the massive luxury condo moving onto W. 28th Street. I regret to report there has already been a casualty. The Eagle is no longer hosting the FootmenNYC party--"for men into men's feet, footwear and related fun."

On their website, the Footmen organizers write: "we must sadly confirm the rumor that after 3 years, effective immediately, the owner of The Eagle does NOT want to continue to be the home of The FootMenNYC Party... The owner of the Eagle is now 'battening down the hatches' in what is likely to be a major fight."

I heard from Footmen co-host Peter who commented, "It is clear that The Eagle is under siege by the Bloombergs, and is in for the fight of its life. It will be interesting to see what happens to The Eagle and the other 'pleasure' businesses on that block."

In an email Peter told me, "The club's owner NEVER indicated that he had a problem with our party until AFTER the raid happened." And "Sadly, anything with a queer 'edge' is going to have a problem in this city, especially if it gets in the way of the continued gentrification."

That "queer edge" means everything that is not vanilla--plain and conventional--which is the direction the entire city is taking. Times Square has gone vanilla. Coney is going vanilla. The East Village, Lower East Side, Greenwich Village have all gone vanilla. Plenty of Brooklyn and more of Queens is going vanilla. What happens to the city when all the flavor has been leeched out?
Luckily, for now, the Footmen have found a new home and will be sniffing, sucking, and tickling on Tuesday nights at The Ritz.

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backinthegays said...

Sad that this city we all once used for many reason, will serve no purpose for the die hard people that live and breath nYc.

This city is really catering to the Corporate lack of edge and the gentrification of the yuppified college kids that don't know how to have fun and be themselves.

The city that never sleeps is tired and we need to wake it up! or wait, is it us that need to wake up?!? huh? hmm? Stand up, Rise up and wake up.

This is the perfect situation that you don't wait till politicians to fight for your rights, you do. Where will the Eagle end up once they close this one? in the Hudson River?

We're on 2 strikes. 1st was the original Eagle's Nest when Chelsea Piers opened and now the New Eagle with the High Line and condo/hi rise glass tower soon to come. 3rd strike will be a charm.

Will be interesting to see where us leather/fetish/kink patrons will end up. Thank you for sharing real talk.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremiah

My friend Ferrel at the Yippee Cafe and Museum just told me that they shut the cafe and building down. Don't know why. But if you are familiar with this place, you know that it was an awesome & historical spot, where you could learn about Abby Hoffman's Yippee Party and get a 75 cent cup of organic coffee.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the Eagle continues to host Q Girls every other week, a lesbian professionals group. I guess there are the "right" kind of gays and the "wrong" kind of gays, huh? Sad all around.

Anonymous said...

Sign of the times. Gay rights has done enormous damage to our way of life. Welcome to the new era of REPRESSION for gay men.

With the loss of our lifestyle, identity, sexuality. Why do we want to be gay, when we cannot be gay.

There is nothing wrong with gay rights as long as you do not compromise your lifestyle, identity etc for the cause. This is where, world wide has got it wrong.